American Communion   Healing Wounds
A film that explores the transformation of the US combat veteran, from Vietnam to Afghanistan

Vietnam Veteran on Active Duty Service

Thanks to the Cambridge Humanities Research Grant, we have had the good fortune to be able to add to our crew several very talented media archivists to assist with discovering and gathering older audio and visual footage, and with transcribing footage that we have ourselves recorded since 2011. Erica Titkemeyer has been digging for archival footage at institutions like the National Archives and Records Administration, Texas Tech University Virtual Vietnam Archive, and other more or less well-known video and audio archives. Rebecca Fraimow has led our team of transcribers putting hundreds of hours of audio and video recordings to text. Their services will be invaluable as we proceed with structuring and editing the full length film, and we are delighted with their excellent work. website seo analysis how to get quality backlinks .

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